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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Game Dev Story: Sal Style

Mobile phones have opened a new market for developers. The prospect of making apps/games has never been more exciting. The barrier to making your app or game has become so low that almost anyone can do it.

I cant help but feel excited about it too. I have always wanted to get into game development and i am now finally exploring this amazing field. I dont know if ill ever make something commercially available, but the prospect of writing something on my computer and running it on my Galaxy Nexus is very very, and i mean very appealing.

I have been fiddling around with Libgdx and I am currently learning the framework and the nuances of game development. However these activities occur during my spare time which i do not have a lot of, so im afraid the game development posts will not be as frequent as i want them to be. 

But there will be posts. After all, just like everyone else developing, I have a million dollar idea too ;)

No post is complete without a screenshot of what your working on. Here is my first attempt at an educational platformer that i intend on making. It will teach people electronics as they play. 

But thats a while away, right now im just fiddling around with putting things on the screen and animating them. Heres an running animation of me running on a couple of red blocks.

This took a surprising amount of work. The art is the most painful process, since im no artist. But heck, its fricking fun!

Stay posted for more!

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