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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wall Crawler Update: Never use superglue near a servo..

Im pretty annoyed. On thursday i decided to stay late after work and finish up the wallcrawler.

Here is a video of it crawling on the whiteboard on my wall. Keep in mind that the "pulsed" movement is intentional. I want to keep it like that in the beginning as i am unsure about the level of control i will have during turning and following black lines.

Notice how the left wheel is sleeping, this is because the shaft was slipping on the gears i.e the gears were rotating but the shaft was not.

Obviously i needed to fix this. I took out my trusty Krazy Glue and proceeded to glue the shaft more securely to the top gear. There was a piece of solidified glue that was near the end of the tube and it was blocking the way.

You can imagine what happened next. I squeezed harder and ended up squirting super glue all over the gears. They were totally destroyed.

I just re-ordered some new gears and once they arrive we will continue on with the prototyping.

In the mean time ill bounce onto my backup project (more on that later).

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