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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Introduction: The beginning


You are about to embark on a journey through time and space.....woops!

Wrong intro.

*ahem ahem* 

HeyLo everyone! 

I will now bore you with a brief introduction about who i am and why this blog spot is created. You know, the usual stuff. But maybe this picture sums it up better.

Yes you guessed it, i am an engineer and this blog will be regarding some of the cool projects i am working on. I did my bachelors from San Jose State University. 

While i was at SJSU I created a program which involved monthly workshops in which students would build cool electronic projects, learn the concepts behind them and then take them home to show off to friends and family

These workshops were so successful that they impacted the curriculum in a way i never imagined. Professors took my workshops as a basis for their in class projects and as a result the whole curriculum became more project based. Students became more exposed to building things and applying the theory they learned in class rather than just, well... learn theory. I hope to do the same on the web, maybe help somebody out or as a result of this meet some like minded people and learn more about my field from them.

Some of the workshop projects at SJSU were

  • Laser Trip Wire Alarm System
  • Musically Inclined Portable LED System
  • A Guitar Amp in an Orbitz Gum Container
  • Portable FM Transmitter
  • An MSP430 Launchpad project using the touchscreen shield.

Now i work full time with some amazing engineers. Not a day goes by that my mentors dont wow me. They are, in part, also my inspiration to write a blog and get more involved with my projects. Hopefully i can be like them someday and inspire others like my mentors have inspired me.

My boss says "There is no excuse for boredom when you can mess around with electronics." I agree with him. I hope you stick around and im sure you will too.  

It'll be fun. :)

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