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Electronics Nerd, Programmer, Musician and Motorcycle Lover

Hello Everyone,

Assuming that people actually took the time to read this, I would like to "officially" welcome you to my blog. My name is Sal and i am an electrical engineer currently working in the industry. I am passionate about electronics, game programming, art and music.

This blog will document my foray into each of these areas of interest. It will be a learning experience for me and i hope that it turns into a learning experience for someone else in the future.

There are two main motivations behind this blog.

First, the desire to become a better engineer. I work with some amazing engineers and everyday they make me want to get better at what i do so that i can one day be as amazing as them. They really inspire me and i hope one day i can become as inspiring as them.

Second, to hopefully help/teach/inspire and bring people the joy of electronics and engineering in general. I have always been big on that. I created and ran workshop sessions at San Jose State for this reason.

My boss always says "There is no excuse for boredom in this world."

I agree with him. Stick around and im sure you will too.

If you would like to share your ideas or make suggestions feel free to leave a comment or contact me on Google+.



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