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This page contains music Ive been involved in.

The list is organized as follows:

1) Audio Songs
2) Instrumentals
3) Youtube Videos

Audio Songs:

Urdu Song that i wrote. I found an old audio clip of me singing when i was 3. I dont remember the song i was singing but i decided to make a song of the words.

Mera Dil - Hamza Salman Afzal

Probably one of the serious songs i did with my band back in pakistan. Those were good times :) This song is in Urdu.

1) Vocals - Umer Shami
2) Guitars - Hamza Salman Afzal
3) Guitars - Saad Afzal

The Red Eye - Kya Kahain


This is a cover of an instrumental from Rurouni Kenshin

Departure Cover - Unknown Artist

Rebellion (Original Instrumental) - Hamza Salman Afzal

Youtube Videos:

Late Night Improv (original) - Hamza Salman Afzal

Cover of the Brilliant Damien Rice - CannonBall

Original Song/Idea - Cant Rationalize

Who can have a music page without covering some Pearl Jam... Yeahhhhhh

Footsteps By Pearl Jam.

The video below is a live performance. I wrote this song for a community event called Mashaal. The song is in urdu and its dedicated to my nephew and the new generation. Its a motivational song about leaving your mark in the world and making opportunities where there are none.

Nishaan - Hamza Salman Afzal

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