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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Coming Up! Bluetoothy Goodness

So i just got these and have been playing around with them..

Bluetooth Module, Arduino Pro Mini, and Servos

The bluetooth module i got off ebay for $8 and the Arduino pro mini is easy to find. The servos in the picture are from hobbyking.

Ill have a tutorial up on how to control two Arduino pins through bluetooth. 

The possibilities for this are endless as far as home automation goes. What the upcoming tutorial will provide is a means to use your android phone to connect to the bluetooth module and control any of the arduino pins independently. You can control servos for robots, RGB leds etc.

The tutorial will cover the following:

1) Making an Android Application to send data over Bluetooth 
2) Sending data over bluetooth and through serial to communicate with the Arduino
3) Parsing that data so that the Arduino can figure out which pin to control and control its PWM out according to the data being sent (we will have vertical sliders that will change the duty cycle of the PWM signals depending on where the slider is)

We wont be using any of the current bluetooth to android applications out in the market, although we could and you should definitely check them out.

The idea behind this would be to give readers who have not explored android yet to see how easy it is to get started making your own applications.

Expect it to be up within a week :)

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